"Peace begins with a smile." -Mother Teresa

Marta Vargas is a bilingual singer/songwriter, speaker and radio host born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico who greatly enjoys encouraging others to discover or re-discover their awesomeness, and creating smiles  in a multitude of ways from poetry and music to  painting and photography.  


She currently hosts and co-produces Good Night Good Day, a weekly radio show airing on Fridays 5-6pm CT via Radio Maria USA, and serves in various parishes as Young Adult and campus Ministry Coordinator as well as Cantor, plus also serves as  instructor for her Archdiocese's School of Ministry.  Prior to her current ministry roles, she has served as TV Mass Cantor, Blogger, Marriage and Family Life Program Manager, and Producer/Host of two other weekly radio programs in Spanish. Additionally, Marta also freelances in her areas of business expertise, especially marketing and events, after having served professionally in number of roles over the years in a wide range of industries from hospitality/conference planning to consumer products, television/radio advertising and medical sales on both the admin/sales and artistic sides.

Along the path, Marta has found one of her greatest sources of joy has been in this very diversity of ways in which she has shared her gifts, realizing in the process that no matter what we do, there is one meeting point, one common denominator: LOVE,  the kind of love that helps make people smile.  


It was in the sharing of her gifts "wherever, whenever, however and with whoever" with love ever striving for the common good that Marta discovered her greatest passion:  to simply be an instrument of hope that leads to unity and peace. In that discovery process, she learned the most important lesson of all:  to not waste time worrying about what she had or didn't have,  what she could or couldn’t do or give, but simply to do all she could,  give all she had and do it with joy and love. This Joy and love grew in the realization that the freedom, hope and endless possibilities in this discovery were not just for her but for EVERYONE, which is perhaps one reason why this joy of hers  finds its foundation in the greatest joy of all: the love and precious company of God, family and friends, including favorite Saints, such as St Therese, from whom she learned that life isn’t so much about doing great things, but doing the smallest things with great love. And when we do, we wind up discovering how the greatest greatness is actually found in the smallest smallness.

It in this spirit that her music and speaking ministry began to flow, through the sharing of that hope with everyone she could. First informally, casually. Then as word spread and each new invitation came, she said 'why not' and with that her public ministry began...

To be continued... join the journey and grow with us! 

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